These are some documents I have created for Senior Planet Colorado which offers free technology classes to seniors. The first two sets of documents are recordings and related documents for Senior Planet talks.

The documents are in the PDF file format. If you want to download a document onto your computer you can click on the name of the document which will display the file in a new tab or window and then use the "Save As" or "Save Page As" option on your browser's File menu.


Documents     (go to top)

Talks about Google Applications     (go to top)

Application Talk Video Document
Gmail Gmail Labels View Video Gmail Labels
Gmail Gmail Filtering View Video How To Keep Your Gmail Inbox Small
Gmail Gmail Searching View Video Searching in Gmail
Gmail Gmail Settings View Video Gmail Settings
Google Calendar Google Calendar View Video Google Calendar
Google Contacts Google Contacts View Video Google Contacts
Google Docs Google Docs View Video Google Docs
Google Docs Advanced Google Docs View Video Advanced Google Docs
Google Drawings Google Drawings View Video Google Drawings
Google Drive Google Drive View Video Google Drive
Google Sheets Google Sheets View Video Google Sheets
Google Sheets Advanced Google Sheets View Video Advanced Google Sheets
Google Slides Google Slides View Video Google Slides
Google Slides Advanced Google Slides View Video Advanced Google Slides
YouTube Uploading Videos to YouTube View Video Uploading Videos to YouTube

Other Talks     (go to top)

Talk Video Document
Browser: Basics View Video Browser Basics
Browser: Preferences and Extensions View Video Browser Preferences and Extensions
Browser: Using Bookmarks View Video Using Browser Bookmarks
Browser: Using the Bookmark Toolbar View Video Using the Browser Bookmark Toolbar
Browser: Using Web Browser Tabs View Video Using Web Browser Tabs
Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks View Video Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks
Cloud Storage View Video Cloud Storage
Cloud: Using Multiple Cloud Accounts View Video Using Multiple Cloud Accounts
Computer Basics View Part 1
View Part 2
Computer Basics
Internet Security View Video Internet Security
Organizing Your Data View Video Organizing Your Data
Password Management (7/13/2022) View Video Password Management
QR Codes with Abraham Cespedes View Video QR Codes
Your Information on the Internet View Video Your Information on the Internet
Zoom: Tips and Tricks View Video Zoom Tips and Tricks
Zoom: More Tips and Tricks View Video More Zoom Tips and Tricks
Zoom: Hosting View Video Hosting and Recording a Zoom Meeting
Zoom: Security View Video Zoom Security

Lunch and Learn Presentation Handouts     (go to top)

7/9/2024 - Michael and Judy Yublosky - Windows Photo Editing Tools  NEW

7/9/2024 - Dave Taenzer - Organizing Photos on Apple Devices  NEW

6/26/2024 - Bre Clark - Active and Creative Ways to Grieve with Intention  NEW

6/25/2024 - Karen Donoghue and Craig Newell - Air Quality Monitoring by Citizen Scientists  NEW

6/10/2024 - Barb Ward - Fun with Photos

5/28/2024 - Prema Qadir - How to Show Up Better on Zoom

5/22/2024 - Malvina Abbot - Decluttering Paper   Slides  Handout

5/21/2024 - Tim Specht - Introduction to 3D Printing

5/15/2024 - Jan Haig - Catch the Beat with Indoor Cycling   Slides  Handout

4/30/2024 - Judy and Michael Yublosky - Digital Photo Collection

4/29/2024 - Judy and Michael Yublosky - Scams and Frauds Resources

4/24/2024 - Natascha Hardee - Golden Connections: Mastering the art of Relationships

4/23/2024 - Debbie Dodson - Using AI to Help Research and Plan Travel

3/19/2024 - Debbie Dodson - Digital Asset Legacy Planning

3/5/2024 - Cheryl Thomas - Navigating Loneliness in a Hyperconnected World

2/28/2024 - Jean Hust Food Journaling Slides - Food Charts:   Page 1   Page 2  

2/21/2024 - Carolyn Hartfield - The Joy of Aging

2/13/2024 - Rick Planos - Fun with Online Music

2/6/2024 - Rick Planos - The World of Podcasts

2/2/2024 - Judy and Michael Yublosky - Data Leak Tips & Suggestions

1/23/2024: Judy and Michael Yublosky - Beyond ChatGPT

12/20/2023: Sally Saenger - Ten Tips to Better Balance

12/12/2023: Judy and Michael Yublosky - Intro To AI Art Generators

12/6/2023: Nancy Horner - The Poetry Adventure: Creating Health and Happiness Through Word Art

11/29/2023: Heather Umberger - Five Sensations of Fitness with Nia Technique

11/28/2023: Gil Rolon - How to Self Publish

11/14/2023: Jean Hurst - Staying Organized with Tech - Google folder with handouts

11/8/2023: Malvina Abbott - Decluttering:Own Less, Live More

10/18/2023: Kathy Molloy - From “I Can’t” to “I Can!” – Three Activities Seniors Can Do

10/17/2023: Rick Planos - Talk on Tech Enhanced Aging in Place

9/13/2023: Josy Delaney's - Presentation on Steps to Better Balance and Falls Prevention

7/12/2023: Sally Saenger - Common Stretching Mistakes

6/20/2023: Barb Ward Photograph Tips - Handout

5/16/2023: E.G. White-Swift's presentation - Preserving Your Digital Legacy

5/9/2023: Barbara Ward's presentation - Using Chiaroscuro in Digital Photography Exploring Light and Darkness

1/18/2023: Sally Saenger's Ten Tips to Better Balance

1/10/2023 - Lunch and Learn Meeting with Breana Clarke and Nicole Alcime

11/15/2022: Marilyn Weinhouse's talk on Hearing Loss Support

9/14/2022: Rebecca Perl's slides on Financial Decision Making

8/17/2022: Hewie Poplock's Presentation on Learning Resources for Seniors   Slides  References

10/11/2022: Hewie Poplock's Presentation on Chromebooks are for Seniors   Slides  Chat Q&A

2/22/2021: Germaine St. John's Video about Laramie WY and the Transcontinental Railroad

2020: Monyett Ellington Lunch and Learn Notes

Gloria Barksdale Senior Planet Technology Topics

Lunch and Learn Group Projects     (go to top)

2021: Colorado Connects Radio Show    Watch Video    View Script

2021: Cookbook for the Ages Lunch and Learn Project

2021: Senior Planeteers Travel the World Lunch and Learn Project

2022: Lunch and Learn Recipes

2022: Lunch and Learn Funny Videos