David Taenzer
2585 S. Lansing Way
Aurora, Colorado 80014
Telephone: 303-919-6392

SUMMARY Over forty years experience in software and new product development. Experience in Internet, World Wide Web, interactive multimedia, object-oriented programming and databases, relational databases, artificial intelligence, office automation, systems programming and teaching.
1977 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Ma. M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. G.P.A. 4.9/5.0
1974 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Ma. S.B in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Member Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi. G.P.A. 4.9/5.0
6/12 - 10/2017 Air Methods Corporation. I was a senior software developer at Air Methods Corporation, which is the largest helicopter and airplane ambulance company in the United States. I helped develop and enhance their clinical quality management software which is used to track the medical services they provide, any issues related to flights along with tracking of skills performed, crew member certifications and training. This is a very large ColdFusion application using a SQL Server database backend. It is s 24x7 application which is used by over 5000 users.
10/02 - 12/2016 CaringFamily LLC. Co-founder and Director of Engineering for CaringFamily LLC, a startup company making a social networking system which lets families communicate via computer with elderly relatives that do not have or want a computer. Elders communicate via paper and the relatives use email or a private family web site to send and receive messages. I developed a MySQL database and web software which uses JavaScript, jQuery, and ColdFusion. I developed software to automatically route scanned messages from residents to family members. I also developed a set of web sites for customer support and content management. CaringFamily has worked on several research projects and I developed special web sites to support this research. I developed systems for automated email prompting of members, on-line collection of research survey data and support for analysis of that data.
1/01 - present Dave Taenzer Consulting. Self employed as a software consultant and trainer. I have also done web development for several non-profit organizations.
12/01 - 7/03 Genetic Savings and Clone. I did software consulting for a small biotech company that did gene banking for animals and research into cloning of dogs and cats. The company funded production of the first cloned cat, "CC", in 2001.
3/01 - 12/01 Intrado, Bounder, Co. I consulted on a Java based system for supporting E911 service for cell phones. This system was responsible for converting cell phone locations into the information necessary to route the 911 call to the correct emergency call center. I helped document the system requirements and helped design the overall system architecture. I was responsible for developing a logging/monitoring module and a dynamic configuration module for the system.
10/96 - 11/00 24/7 Media, Denver, Co. I was the Principle Engineer for 24/7 Exactis, the email division of 24/7 Media. The company was originally called "Mercury Mail" and later "Infobeat" and "Exactis.com" before it was purchased by 24/7 Media. I helped develop software for Infobeat, an advertiser supported information service that is delivered via email. The information was customized for each subscriber so they only received the information they were interested in. The service grew from a few thousand subscribers to over eight million during the time I was with 24/7 Exactis. 24/7 Exactis also sent out email for many other companies. When I left it was sending out over twenty five million custom email messages a day. The system was based on an Oracle relational database. I helped design the products, software architecture, database structures and developed web CGI scripts, editor tools and software to generate the custom email. The software was originally written in C and C++, but later converted to use object-oriented Perl. I designed several object-oriented libraries to support this software. It ran on a network of UNIX machines that operated in a 7x24 environment. I co-authored a patent on this system design. I helped develop monitoring and reporting software that supported this environment. I also developed a documentation system using an intranet and several processes to support software release and configuration management. From August 1999 to November 2000, I was the main technical trainer for Exactis, doing internal training on the Exactis technology and also teaching people the Perl programming language. I also did technical consulting on internal projects.
2/00 - 7/00 12Degrees, Inc., Palo Alto, Ca. I did some part-time consulting and Java development for 12Degrees, Inc., an Internet startup that ran a web-based travel business. I wrote programs to automatically process email using the JavaMail library. Users communicated with travel consultants using a web based messaging system that sent out email notifications when users had new messages on the web site. Sometimes the users would reply to that email instead of returning to the web site to send a new message. The programs I wrote automatically processed this type of email and automatically entered the email content into the database of web based messages. It also handled bounce mail (when the email notification could not be delivered). I also helped consult on the overall system design and user interface.
10/87 - 4/96 U S WEST, Englewood, Co. I was originally with the U S WEST Advanced Technologies research lab working on object-oriented programming. I helped develop an object-oriented rapid prototyping environment and a class browser for Objective-C. I later worked on the architecture for a new billing system for U S WEST. I used Smalltalk based object-oriented prototypes to demonstrate the architecture of the new systems. I then spent a year working with a group helping developers use object-oriented programming and C++. I developed a C++ library to support telecommunications applications. I helped developed a C++ style guide for U S WEST and wrote a paper on C++ Tricks and Traps. I also developed a course on object-oriented programming which I taught a number of times at various UNIX technical conferences. This was an introduction to the basic concepts in object-oriented programming and a review of several languages including C++, Objective C, Smalltalk, CLOS and Eiffel. I helped develop a class on C++ for non-C programmers for Addison Wesley. Later I worked in the U S WEST Marketing Resources group on various multi-media projects including an Interactive-TV project that let people in hotel rooms tour the city they were visiting and find restaurants and shopping using their in-room TV and remote control. I was the Technical Director for a project to put the Yellow Pages on the World Wide Web. I also developed classes on the Internet and World Wide Web which I taught to various groups at U S WEST including executives, managers, marketing, sales and engineers.
3/86 - 10/87 Calay Systems Inc. and Columbine Data Systems, Boulder, Co. I helped design and develop an object-oriented semantic database which is used to manage complex engineering data. This was used for storing complex data in a Computer Aided Design system.
6/81 - 3/86 Interactive Systems Corp., Boulder, Co. I helped design and build a C and UNIX based office automation system. This included a screen editor that edited both text files and files with a hierarchical structure. The complex files were viewed with a forms based interface.
1/79 - 6/81 Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Cambridge, Ma. I worked in the UNIX systems group. I helped develop a micro-processor based terminal cluster controller and virtual terminal system. I then worked in a group writing portable C-based applications that ran on several operating systems and most video terminals. This included the PEN video editor and a data entry terminal. I also helped write the original code for the BBN Bit-Graph terminal which was a Motorola 68000 based bit-mapped computer.
9/77 - 1/79 Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corp., Rome, N.Y. I helped design and implement a large photo interpretation and digital map making system on a VAX running the UNIX operating system.
12/73 - 4/77 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Cambridge, Ma. I was a research assistant and worked on various projects in artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision.
REFERENCES Available upon request.